Frequently asked questions

At what age can kid’s snow tube?

We say the minimum age is 5. At this age they are usually able to drag the snow tube back up the hill on their own, and hold onto theirs and others snowtubes.

What is the minimum and maximum in parties & groups?

The minimum number is 10 for parties & 12 for groups and we have up to 20 snow tubes. If you would like more than 20 in a group we can discuss the different options which are available.

How long does snow tubing last?

The actual snow tubing lasts 45 minutes and then it will depend on the party option you choose.

What do they need to wear?

A pair of gloves is a MUST. Suitable footwear, such as, walking boots, snow boots, trainers with good grip or any sturdy footwear ... avoid wellies and flat soled footwear. Ensure suitable clothing for the weather and arms and legs must be covered.

What if it rains?

Snow tubing still goes ahead in the rain - it’s faster!! We would only stop the snow tubing in high winds and electrical storms.


We ask everyone to arrive 15 minutes early so that we can kit them out with helmets and check everyone has the appropriate clothing. We then take them out to the slope and give them a safety talk about the snow tubing and the do’s & don’ts. The instructors then set the snow tubes off from specially designated points. We generally only ever go half way up the slope and never from the top.

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